Version 1.6


ATL is a camera system that takes a picture every minute, and can automatically generate a Time Lapse Video for a given day. It is designed to be automatic, and easy to use, while still allowing you to access the data, and share the feed. This system is based on a Raspberry Pi. For more information on this systems buildout, visit

Icon Brief Description More Information
Main page for viewing the current images from the camera. This is a reduced image to optimize page load time, and it will automatically refresh every 60 seconds.
This help page Use this page to understand the function of each section of this web portal of the camera.
Access Pictures and Video Pictures/Video are all sorted by date. These images are the full frame size (1080p) that are used to generate the Time Lapse Videos.
Archive of Uploaded Videos This takes you to the YouTube Channel to view Time lapse videos that have been uploaded by this camera system.
NOAA Forecast for the area Forecast and current conditions as reported from the local National Weather Service Office
NOAA Radar for the area This shows a radar shot of the weather in the area.
GOES Vapor Loop This shows a Satellite loop of the water vapor in the atmosphere
Protected Area This will direct you to a password protected section to allow you to build Time Lapse Videos, upload videos to YouTube and adjust settings.

Protected Area

Icon Brief Description More Information
Build Time Lapse Videos Videos can be generated from previous days, or you can generate a video from Todays images and upload them to YouTube with the information provided on this page.
Upload a processed Time Lapse Video Videos that are already generated can be uploaded to YouTube using the information provided on this page.
Change Camera Direction Adjust the camera servo to point the camera in a different direction for the next picture. This page updates every 60 seconds, so once you click to adjust the camera direction, you will need to wait for the next image to be captured byt he camera.
Display log status of system This is a detailed dump of information on scripts that run on the system. Each time you build a Time Lapse, the current log of that action is displayed here.
Check System Temperature and Freespace Use this page to see the CPU Temperature and how much space is available on the system and USB Thumbdrive. Each days folder and its respective size is displayed here. The USB Thumbdrive status is found here, and the ability to safely remove the USB Thumbdrive. Updates to ATL are also done from this section.
Change the Settings of the system This is where the parameters of the system cam be modified. This is where you can change the banner on the bottom of each image, change how long to keep images/video, change YouTube account information, and modify Camera Direction Descriptions.
Chance/Update user accounts for web access to Protected area. This is where you can change the Admin account password, as well as add up to 9 additional accounts to acccess the protected area of the camera system. The Admin account cannot be renamed.
Customize Public Interface Use this page to change what icons show up on the Public interface, and update the links they are pointed to.
Exit Protected Area Use this to go back to the Publically viewable page. Useful to test the links after customizing. Close browser to completely logout of Protected Area.


Build Time Lapse by Date Use this to select a date folder to process and build a Time Lapse video.
Build and Upload Today's Time Lapse Use this to build a Time Lapse from Today, and begin uploading it with the information provided.


Upload Timelapse Use this to upload a Time Lapse that has already been built, using the information provided.


Change Camera Direction Use this to chnage the direction that the camera is pointed. A preview of the camera is provided, and updates every minute. When you chick to change the direction, the system will wait until it is done capturing its image before moving the camera. The current direction is indicated by a blue botton.
Capture Panorama This is used to capture a 9 image Panorama Set that can be downloaded and processed into a Panorama.


Status This section displays the status/progress of any tasks for the system.


System This area displays the Clock status, CPU Temperature, USB Thumbdrive Status, System Freespace, and Updating of ATL.
Eject/Mount USB Thumbdrive this is used to safely remove the USB Thumbdrive that is used for archiving processed Time Lapse Videos and Daily Snapshots.


Display Settings: Display Basic or Advanced settings. You must click Save, then click on settings again.
Storage Directory: This is the location where all Images/Video is stored. This is not editable.
Display Banner: Use to Show or Hide the banner that is embeded onto each image saved. Time is on the right side and your custom text is on the left.
Banner Title: Custom text for the left side of the banner, usually used to mark the location of where the images are taken (City).
Append Direction to Banner: Used to Hide or Show the direction the camera is looking, used after the Banner Title. Can be short or long. Not available for fixed direction systems.
Banner Font Size Use to change the Font size of the Title text on the banner.
Banner Color in HEX:
Default: #66A45DC8
This is where you can change the color of the banner on the bottom of the image. The first two digits of the code is the Opacity or Alpha.
A : alpha
R : red
G : green
B : blue

Banner Line Color in HEX: Default: #FF0000 This is the color line that borders the banner on the bottom of the image. Use standard HEX color codes.
Banner Text Color in HEX: Default: #FFFFFF This is the text color on the banner on the bottom of the image. Use standard HEX color codes.
Camera Source Raspberry Pi Camera
USB Webcam - Any nativly Linux supported USB Webcam
IP Webcam - AirCam or any IP Webcam that can be accessed with
"ffmpeg -i rtsp://"
Image Capture Scale Use to change the scale of the images captured. This reduces the size of the images. 1080HD, 720HD or DVD Resolution is available.
Camera IP This is for IP Based Cameras. AirCam is currently supported.
Camera Delay Delay the picture capture, this allows a USB Webcam a chance to adjust its light settings to capture a better image.
Image Capture Scale: Changes the capture resolution of the images:
1080HD (1920x1080)
720HD (1280x720)
DVD (720x480)
Downscale for Web View Used to change the quality of the image for display on the web interface. It is recommended to use a settings that keeps the images below 100KB, for fast load times on the web interface.
Keep images for n days: Image retention, Delete pictures at 11 PM each night, that are older than n days. This will keep your system memory from filling up.
Start Image Capture at: The time of day that the system will begin capturing images.
Stop Image Capture at: The time of day that the system will stop capturing images.
Archive Daily Snapshot at: The time of day that the system will save a snapshot to the thumbdrive under /ATL/Daily_Snapshots.
Archive Videos to thumb drive before daily cleanup: Save a copy of processed Time Lapse Videos to the Thumbdrive before deleting them from the system.
Automaticaly Generate and Upload Use this to Enable or Disable the Automated processing of daily images into video, and uploading them with the below settings.
at time: Sets the hour to Build/Upload the daily video. Remember, this works with the current day, not previous days.
Process Time Lapse Videos at N Frames per Second: When generating Time Lapse Video, this is the speed the motion will show up. Use a higher rate to speed up the videos.
Duration of Capture
1 Hour = 60 Frames
2 Hours = 120 Frames
4 Hours = 240 Frames
6 Hours = 360 Frames
8 Hours = 480 Frames
10 Hours = 600 Frames
12 Hours = 720 Frames
14 Hours = 840 Frames
16 Hours = 960 Frames
18 Hours = 1080 Frames
Video Speed
1000 Frames at 15 FPS = 66.6 Second Video
1000 Frames at 20 FPS = 50 Second Video
1000 Frames at 24 FPS = 41.6 Second Video
1000 Frames at 30 FPS = 33.3 Second Video
1000 Frames at 40 FPS = 25 Second Video
1000 Frames at 50 FPS = 20 Second Video
1000 Frames at 60 FPS = 16.6 Second Video
YouTube Username: This is where you put in your YouTube Username so videos can be uploaded.
YouTube Password: This is where you put in your YouTube Password so videos can be uploaded.
YouTube Title: This is the Title of your YouTube Videos
YouTube Description: This is your Description/infmation of your videos.
YouTube Tags: This is what tags you want on your videos when automatically uploaded.
YouTube Publish Settings: Public - Everyone can view the video
Unlisted - Only visable if someone has the link
Private - Only your account can view the video
Camera Direction Names: This is only used for servo control. Name the directions for your range of motion.
Save Settings This will save all of the settings applied on this page.


Update/Delete User Use this section to chnage a users password, or delete a user. The Admin account cannot be deleted.
Create User Use this section to create up to 9 more users.


Customize Use this to change the URL for the links on the Public Interface. A blank field will disable that icon.

Update Summary:

Version 1.6.9 Fixed the CamPrep Script for initial Webpage creation Fixed the RTC on reboot Fixed Hash tag in Description Fixed Password Special Character Issue (?) Added Barometer support Added Raspberry Pi 2 support to boot scripts Added Raspberry Pi Exposure Control Added Raspberry Pi Light Meter Control Added Raspberry Pi Auto White Balance Control
Version 1.6 Changed the Icon Sizes on Admin Nav Bar
Changed the granularity of the Image Downscale option
Added Automatic FTP Upload to Wunderground
Added Daily Snapshot to Thumbdrive
Added Archive Video to Thumbdrive
Added Thumbdrive space report to System Page
Added Thumbdrive Mount/Unmount
Added Network Settings via Thumbdrive
Added Local/RTC Clock status to System Page
Added Color Indicator to the Direction Page
Added ATL Update via System Page
Added Freespace Protection to System
Fixed Direction Name on Banner when using spaces
Version 1.5 Changed options for Append Direction to banner
Added Color Indicator to the Direction Page
Added ATL Update via Settings Page
Added Custimization of Public Webpage
Added Image Capture Scale Settings
Added Image Downscale for Webpage
Fixed WiFi reliability check
Version 1.4 Changed Image Retention display in settings
Changed Settings Display for Non-Motion Enabled systems
Added Image Capture Start/Stop Times
Added scripts for Export/Import for cloning
Added User Managment for Web Interface
Fixed USB Webcam Capture settings
Version 1.3 Changed YouTube Description fields to support multiple lines of text
Changed Radio buttons in Settings to Dropdowns
Added Panorama image capture (Script Only, not web interface)
Added FPS Option
Added direction text for banner based on rotation control
Added Basic/Advanced function in Settings
Version 1.2
Added Servo (Rotation) control
Added Help/FAQs
Added options to remove banner
Added RTC support